Blues Trio

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2023 began badly. It was an awful winter for my health and that kept me out of the scene for a few months. I spent most of that time at the hospital, or back and forth taking chemo sessions. The treatment affected my neurological system and left me unable to play guitar for weeks.
So, I booked a few gigs as soon as I thought I’d be able to perform again. The second gig I could do was at the indispensable Blues Sphère Bar in Liège. My dexterity wasn’t at the top level yet, but we recorded the evening nonetheless. Jean-Paul was so kind as to place a few extra microphones on the piano, to my request.
It was also the first time I played the piano live. During the pandemic I had a bit of spare time to practise on it. Admittedly, there’s still plenty of room for improvement I’m afraid, but it felt good.
It total, I accompanied myself on five different instruments: spider bridge squareneck resonator guitar, biscuit bridge and tricone resonators, concert ukulele and upright piano. You can here listen to twelve songs in the same order I played them. We’ve just excluded the other songs that were too much for an album. No out-of-tune notes have been corrected though. We’ve left them as raw as possible, mostly out of laziness. Ha, ha.
A few videos from the evening are to be found on my YouTube channel. Check them out!
We hope you enjoy this recording. Have fun!


released August 24, 2023

Fernando Neris
Blue Night in Belgium

Live in Liège – May 2023
Total playing time: 44m40s

Fernando Neris: vocals & resonator guitars, lap steel, ukulele & piano.

Recorded live at Blue Sphère Blues Bar, Liège (Belgium) by Jean-Paul Brilmaker.

Mixing & Mastering by De Ferre.

© Discos Chungos Productions 2023
Modal Improvisations and Blues.


released April 14, 2020

All lyrics and music written by Fernando Neris.

Fernando Neris plays Weissenborn guitar, dobro, ukelele, acoustic bass & bodhran percussion.

Recorded in Liège (Belgium) in March and April 2020.

A collection of Blues, Folk and Spirituals performed by Fernando Neris.

Recorded in Liège, Belgium, end of 2019.

Many thanks to the Tiny Crowd of fans who funded this project !!!


released January 10, 2020

Fernando Neris: vocals, acoustic guitar, Weissenborn guitar, ukelele, dobro, bass & percussion.